Note: As of February 2014, this page is no longer being updated regularly. For up-to-date information on what I’m up to please check out my LinkedIn profile.

Rebecca Deatsman is a naturalist and environmental educator currently based out of a tiny ranching town in Grant County, Oregon. Her past wanderings have taken her from her home in Ohio to the Saskatchewan prairie, the Australian Outback, a barrier island on the coast of Georgia, and the North Woods of Wisconsin. She has a master’s degree in environmental education from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and can generally be found wandering around in the woods looking at birds and bugs. You can follow her on Twitter at @rdeatsman.


Why “the other Oregon”?

When I first told people I was moving to Oregon, everyone would assume I meant the coastal half of the state, where most of the population is and where most of the tourists go. Not so – I live in the other Oregon, ranch country, the High Desert of the eastern part of the state, in a big county with lots of cattle but only one stoplight.


Rebecca’s Writing Elsewhere:

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